If your wedding day is just around the corner and you just have no inspiration for your wedding speech then you may opt to employ a professional speech writer for a small fee. He will, of course, require  some details about your personality, interests and any amusing tales from the past, and can usually have the speech finished within a few days. It can prove to be a real time saver.

It is certainly becoming more usual these days for the Bride  to say a couple of words on the big day but it’s personal choice as to who is in the final line up. Give yourself plenty of time and rehearse your wedding speech often to your family to get some constructive feedback. Listed below are some sites that may help in the writing of your wedding speeches.

This website more or less writes the wedding speech for you. Just amend the names as required.


Speech Writing

Lots of templates to build up your wedding speech, including one for the beautiful bride.


Speech Builder

Wedding speeches for all the wedding party can be found on this informative website


Speech Templates

If you are really stuck for ideas you can always employ the services of a professional writer.


Professional Speeches

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When considering your wedding speeches you need to start early as you will probably alter your speech many times before the day.

There is lots of material on the internet so it’s fairly easy to write a speech that is both interesting and amusing. It’s a good idea to practice reading your wedding speech in front of your family so that you are at ease for your big day.

The order of the speeches is usually the Father of the Bride, followed by the Groom, and finally the Best Man will entertain with some amusing stories from the Groom’s early days.

Its quite normal to be nervous on your day but none of your wedding guests will be disappointed if you forget your lines. Wedding speeches are usually made immediately after the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Speeches

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